A simple approach to glomerular diseases. 20 mins.

Neil Turner, Professor of Nephrology. Part of Renal teaching in the Edinburgh MBChB.

Glomerulonephritis has a bit of a reputation, but all can be related to a simple diagram (shown below) that shows the spectrum of glomerular disease.  And to make things easy to remember, there are 3+2 causes of most things*. * except when it’s 3+3.

The Music of Glomerulonephritis. There’s a version with commentary further down, and a deliberate mistake or two in this one. If you can memorise the commentary to accompany it you’ll be fine.

See third video for commentary. Playlist here

There are two short presentations on this page. Sorry about the annoying face on them, but if you click and click you can make it go away and see just the slides.

  • What glomerulonephritis does and how, and how to spot it (17 mins). Glomerular diseases are often spotted through causing haematuria and proteinuria, and high blood pressure. Interstitial diseases are less likely to cause these, so these simple observations already help you to narrow down pathology.

Why and presentation; 2.00 consequences damage; 7.10 Leaking protein, blood;
13.50 General types of cause; 16.30 simple patterns … Text alternative

  • The spectrum of glomerulonephritis (4 mins). A way to understand and remember the most important conditions. With commentary this time, but no music 😕. At this time it’s one or the other.


Below are links to 3 pages giving more detail on the individual conditions, and long-term outcomes.

These 4 pages should be enough to pass any undergraduate assessment on glomerulonephritis and kidney inflammation. Or you have crazy examiners. You’re a postgrad? See Further Info at the foot for links to postgraduate-level resources, slowly being added.

Spectrum diagram

Diseases dipslayed by typical amount of proteinuria and haematuria

Click on image to show high resolution or download

Further info

See 3 more short pages on

Look also at

Other sources

More detailed and postgrad resources

  • We’re working on them



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